“My first experience at T.V.& R was in 2011 when I began the process of building a new deck for my backyard.  Not only were they able to provide me with materials, but with helpful tips as well that really helped my DIY project go smoothly.”​

Jim H

“As someone with a background in the moulding industry, I know what I should pay for a product.  T.V.& R is almost always my first stop when looking for a fair price.”

Allen Lee

“The exceptional customer service I recieve at T.V.& R is not something I find too often these days.  Their product knowledge and attention to detail keeps me coming back.”

Janet Gray

“I’ve been working with Tom and TV&R for a while now and highly recommend his products and services. Tom is a great guy, and he and his crew take very good care of me – even with small orders. His follow-up on orders is excellent and he makes sure that I get everything that I need for my projects. I enjoy doing business with him!”


“Finding specific replacement mouldings for a 100 year old house is hard enough without factoring in how far you have to drive to go get it, and how long you have to wait. After searching on YELP, I found Tom to be a small enough company to be attention-to-detail oriented, but big enough to meet my needs. The fast turn-around and delivery just ensured that Tom’s company will be the one that I give my business to throughout this project and future projects.”

“Not only did I purchase the lumber from Tom, but I also consulted with him before building a new deck in the back yard with plenty of questions. I had a challenging issue and was faced with building a deck under a messy fruit tree that would also receive a lot of sun. With Tom’s guidance and instruction on what materials to use, my deck is a success. Tom’s knowledge on all things lumber and home projects was a big help.”  
Pam S, Oakland, CA

P. Schams, Oakland